Reverse Engineering


Reverse Engineering is the process of discovering the technological principles of a device, object, or system through analysis of its structure, function, and operation.

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Convenient contractual bundles include three years of software updates and training with access to experienced Professional Engineering Services.

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Power Supply Form, Fit and Function.

Integrated Consultants has supplied Form, Fit and Function replacement Power Supplies for the MINI-DAMA Communications System .

Power Supply

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SPAWAR System Center Pacific

MEMS Accelerometer Control Board

SSC-Pacific’s MEMS accelerometer uses a novel electro-optical method of measuring acceleration, resulting in higher sensitivity and lower noise.

ICI developed an electronic control board to operate the accelerometer. The board first characterizes the unit, then, during operation, it runs the device and interprets the output. An on board FPGA allows dynamic configuration changes to the MEMS output interpretation. Custom mechanical mounting of the MEMS device assures signal integrity. A precision mounting plate assures rigidity and accurate axis references.

MEMS Accelerometer Control Board

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Northrop Grumman

Maintenance Portable Electronic Delivery Device (MPEDD)

Northrop Grumman's Firescout unmanned helicopter is programmed on the ground via a laptop computer.

ICI designed a chassis system to hold and protect the laptop while it is tethered to the UAV.

The cradle contains an electronics tray that processes the helicopter's signal before feeding it into the laptop.

Maintenance Portable Electronic Delivery Device

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Fleet Industrial Supply Center (FISC)

F-18 Bulkhead

Integrated Consultants, Inc. reverse engineered a damaged airplane bulkhead and delivered several replacement units.

ICI started with a damaged bulkhead and a number of conflicting and unorganized paper drawings. The bulkhead was reverse engineered into a 3D parametric model, and then this shape was compared to the supplied 2D prints. Inconsistencies were checked and resolved to create a final model of the desired part. This 3D file was used to create tool paths to run a CNC milling machine and produce the final parts.

F-18 Bulkhead

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Aereon Marine


Aereon Marine's hinge supports watertight doors on the mega yacht Reverie.

ICI was given a broken hinge that had not been up to the task and has made significant improvements to the design.

Material choice has been improved and the link design has been changed for increased weight bearing capacity and slower wear.


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Pelatron, Inc.

Mobile Modular Command and Control (M2C2) Advanced Prototype

Pelatron's M2C2 Advanced Prototype is a military command center's worth of electronics and communications equipment shoehorned into a HMMWV.

ICI documented the desired system configuration and designed the electronics packaging components and interface panels.

Mobile Modular Command and Control (M2C2) Advanced Prototype

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