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Investigative activities that a business chooses to conduct with the intention of making a discovery that can either lead to the development of new products or procedures, or to improvement of existing products or procedures. - Investopedia

Our staff supports Prototype Research and Development efforts for the advancement of Superconducting RF apparatus. Tasks performed for the Office of Naval Research (ONR) have yielded original design concepts for radiation protection and cryopacking techniques in the 4K to 50K Domain. ICI has developed the concept of a Cryopacking Certification Process where suppliers of superconducting electronics, and suppliers of Cryogenic refrigerators, would have a source for Metrics Verification that ultimately could lead to controlled National Standards.

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Pseudo Cryocooler
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Cryocooler in Solid works
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SPAWAR System Center Pacific

MEMS Accelerometer Control Board

SSC-Pacific’s MEMS accelerometer uses a novel electro-optical method of measuring acceleration, resulting in higher sensitivity and lower noise.

ICI developed an electronic control board to operate the accelerometer. The board first characterizes the unit, then, during operation, it runs the device and interprets the output. An on board FPGA allows dynamic configuration changes to the MEMS output interpretation. Custom mechanical mounting of the MEMS device assures signal integrity. A precision mounting plate assures rigidity and accurate axis references.

MEMS Accelerometer Control Board

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SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific

MEMS Test and Evaluation Products

Integrated Consultants, Inc. developed several tools for the evaluation of MEMS devices. A set of circuit boards and with specialty mechanical interfaces allows dependable communications with MEMS devices under test.

Other test devices include test fixtures for data gathering relating to MEMS navigational devices and a configurable circuit simulator for MEMS characterization.

MEMS Test and Evaluation Products

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ICI Autonomous Interoperability demonstration with Distrix software

ICI and Spark Integration Technologies

We at ICI - Integrated Consultants, Inc. are pleased to release this interoperability demonstration video. Click on the image to the right to watch the video.

ICI developed the electronic hardware and test infrastructure. Interoperability is made possible using the Distrix software suite from Spark Integration Technologies to allow disparate robotic hardware devices, sensors and other components to communicate seamlessly.

The video displays the result of a collaboration of technical disciplines across the gambit of high technology and demonstrates true autonomous interoperability.

ICI Autonomous Interoperability demonstration with Distrix software.

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Cubic Applications Engineering

Gates Lock

Cubic's GATES lock is an electronically controlled padlock for intermodal shipping containers.

The armored case discourages brute force attacks.

Electronics monitor the lock's current state to detect and log physical attacks.

ICI's innovative hydraulic locking mechanism allows the lock to cinch up tight against the container bars and resist attempts to force the lock open yet uses little electrical power to operate and is cost effective to manufacture.

Gates Lock

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Impulse Tube

L3's Impulse Tube is used for testing the effects of a pressure wave on sample materials.

It is used to research more effective armor to protect personnel against the effects of a bomb blast.

The pressure wave is created by first charging the breach end of the tube with high pressure gas. As more gas is added the pressure increases until a plastic diaphragm retaining the gas in the breach ruptures.

The pressure wave travels down the tube and impacts the test article placed at the far end.

Impulse Tube

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Spark Integration

Hardware Interface Module (HIM) and Universal Connector Panel (UCP)

ICI's HIM and UCP connects any electronic device to the DIOS (Distributed Integration Operating Schema) network.

The DIOS network, developed by Spark Integration, is a small footprint, low overhead, distributed software platform for data communication.

Each HIM contains a configurable I/O board set to adapt to the communications needs of the specific electronics device to be put on the network.


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Cryo Cooler

Integrated Consultants, Inc. developed a Cryopacking primer for desirable features from a 4.2 Kelvin superconducting circuit to 77 Kelvin. This connection scenario offers the ability to open superconducting circuit connection capability to multiple Cryocooler manufacturers and offers path to precertification superconducting circuit to 77 Kelvin environment.

Cryo Cooler

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